cloud 3017392 960 720Named out of respect for the Native American Tribe, the Apache HTTP server was created as a collaborative project and ended up becoming one of the most efficient servers of all time.

Apache was designed by contributors from all over the world, but the project started with Rob McCool of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

What was the point of the project? To create a commercial-grade computing server that could support any program, software, or application, regardless of how robust. Not only that, but Apache was meant to be free and open to the public, and it’s remained that way ever since.

What’s an Apache Server?

Apache is a highly customizable and extendable web server with HTTP/1.1 compliance. It has an unrestricted license and is constantly being developed for new feature releases. Not only that, but features are built with the help of regular users, since you can submit feedback and report problems. Its full source code is one of the reasons developers go with Apache, considering it allows for the customization of modules in the API.

Some of the more common features include error and problem reports and responses, CGI scripts, authentication, password protected pages, and unlimited and flexible URL rewriting. You can also configure virtual hosts to make things more efficient for a network of sites or applications.

Getting Started

Here are a few resources for getting setup and started with Apache:

  • Apache Website: this site offers a getting started guide for those who have never worked with Apache in the past. It’s also useful for those who consider themselves new to building any type of website at all. The guide starts by covering everything from clients to URLs; configuration files to website content. Once you feel comfortable with the initial training, it asks you to move onto more advanced topics like downloading, installing, and configuring Apache.
  • An Introduction to Apache: this resource from Tuts+ explores getting started with Apache more in-depth, talking about the tools and details that come together to make Apache work.
  • Apache for Beginners: this outlines why you should care about this type of server and how it can help the average developer when constructing new software. Furthermore, the article explains popular methods for downloading and installing the server.