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Concept Branch is a Cloud Server Platform that capacitates businesses to build, deploy, scale and manage scalable web applications.

Our premium quality service ensures simplicity, performance and choice for every client.

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Our features

CREATE, MANAGE and GROW your computing solutions as you expand your business.

Our platform includes a comprehensive feature set comparable to tech giants such as AWS and GCE and runs on the latest generation hardware.

Easy to use Cloud Server options

Easy to

Powerful Control Panel

Control panel

Customized server dashboard - simple to use


Simple server activation


Auto setup and server configuration in less than 15 seconds

Auto setup &

Simple and comprehsive

Simple &

Automatic failsafe mechanisms

Automatic failsafe

Automatic scaling Concept Branch NVMe Server



Concept Branch is built from the ground up with the latest and greatest technologies and with all audiences in mind.

The Concept Branch service is a game-changer in the server industry.

Our unique, bespoke service offers

  • faster,
  • better and
  • more affordable services...

...than ever before using a cloud server platform designed to enable businesses to build, manage and scale their applications in a unique way that is not available anywhere else.

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Concept Branch - User-friendly Dashboard for server & service administration

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